Updated properties sync to use a mapping defined in the OSGI configs such that the name and relative path of the save property can be configured (instead of using the saml attribute's Friendly Name)
5 files changed
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  1. asciidoctor-diagrams/
  2. capabilities-oak/
  3. chunked-distribution/
  4. codesign/
  5. connectfeaturelauncher/
  6. distribution-service/
  7. encrypt/
  8. fake-content-generator/
  9. feature-model-compare/
  10. featuremodel/
  11. graalvm/
  12. graphql-scripting/
  13. hc-resource/
  14. http-caching-experiments/
  15. instance-stopper/
  16. it-is-cloudy-here/
  17. jcr-wrappers/
  18. karate-http-testing/
  19. maven-central-source-reporter/
  20. mdresourcedecorator/
  21. mdresourceprovider/
  22. metrics-prometheus/
  23. mvresourceprovider/
  24. oidc-handler/
  25. org.apache.sling.graphql.samples.website/
  26. org.apache.sling.jcr.repositorymaintainance/
  27. osgi-featuremodel/
  28. release-validator/
  29. remote-content-api/
  30. resource-predicates/
  31. resource-schemas/
  32. saml-example/
  33. saml-handler/
  34. scripting-resolver/
  35. serverless-microsling/
  36. sfsresourceprovider/
  37. SlingModelPersist/
  38. slingpost/
  39. starter-system-info/
  40. tag-modifier/
  41. time-to-first-request/
  42. transformer/
  43. upgrade/
  44. .asf.yaml
  45. .gitignore
  46. .sling-module.json
  49. Jenkinsfile
  51. pom.xml
  52. README.md

Apache Sling

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Apache Sling Whiteboard

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

This is the whiteboard area of Apache Sling. It contains experimental code that is not intended to be used in production.

Sling committers are welcome to use this repository for prototypes and other experimental work. Please separate your code in distinct folders with self-explanatory names so we understand what's in there easily.

We currently do not release code from this repository, if a module needs to be released please discuss its “promotion” on the Sling dev list and then move it to its own repository.

Older whiteboard experiments can be found at https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/sling/whiteboard/ - the plan is to only move code that's being actively worked on and leave the rest there.