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# This is the common parts of our "samples" schemas
# It is included (using JSP includes for now) in
# the resourceType-specific schemas
# The directives.jsp schema fragment must be loaded
# before this one.
# Website navigation information
type Navigation {
# The root path of our website
root: String
# List of content sections
sections: [Section]
# Previous article, if applicable
previous: String
# Next article, if application
next: String
# Search page
search: String
# A content section with its name and path
type Section {
name: String
path: String
# List of articles in this section
articles: [Article] @fetcher(name:"samples/articlesBySection")
# Articles are the core content of our website
# Fields names are self-describing
type Article {
path: String
title: String
tags: [String]
text: String
# List of "See Also" articles
seeAlso: [Article] @fetcher(name:"samples/seeAlso")
# A query for articles which have specific tags
type TagQuery {
# List of tags specified in the query
query: [String]
# List of articles found
articles : [Article]