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Apache Sling mail archive server sample app

This is a work in progress sample application for Sling, initially contributed by Igor Bogomolov who wrote it as part of an internship, and meant to create a useful mail archive server that also serves as a more complex Sling sample.

To run this, and install the bundles provided by this module in a Sling Launchpad (trunk) instance.

Then, start at http://localhost:8080/mailarchiveserver/import.mbox.html to import a few mbox files, you can find some at server/src/test/resources/test-files/mbox/

http://localhost:8080/mailarchiveserver.html is the server's homepage.

To import live mail from a mail server you need a Connector - the SLING-3297 contribution does include one for Exchange, but we haven't included it in this sample so far.

Stats (even more work in progress) are available at http://localhost:8080/content/mailarchiveserver/stats.html