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Apache Sling Starter

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

The starter project produces both a Standalone Java Application which contains everything needed to run the Launchpad in a single JAR file and a Web Application.

It is not meant to be a production-ready setup, more as a way to facilitate experimenting and learning Sling.

See Releasing a new version of the Sling starter for how to create a release of this module.

How to run the Sling Starter module in Standalone mode

NOTE: “mvn clean” deletes the “sling” work directory in the project base directory. It is advisable to use a work directory outside of the project directory.

  1. Build the Sling Starter using

    mvn clean install

in the current directory.

  1. Start the generated jar with

    java -jar target/org.apache.sling.starter-10-SNAPSHOT.jar

Use the correct version number instead of 10-SNAPSHOT, if needed.

  1. Browse Sling in:


How to run the Sling Starter module in webapp mode

  1. Build the Sling Starter using

    mvn clean install

in the current directory.

  1. Deploy target/org.apache.sling.starter-10-SNAPSHOT.war to your favorite application server or servlet container. Servlet 3.1 is a minimum requirement for the web app.

Experimental Feature Model support

During the build the provisioning model files will be converted on the fly to feature model files on-the-fly. The conversion taking into account the oak_tar runmode places its results in target/fm/oak_tar. In a similar way, the MongoDB feature files are placed under target/fm/oak_mongo.

For convenience, the results are aggregates in a single, standalone feature file. Due to technical limitations only a single aggregate feature file is created, by default the oak_tar one, found under target/slingfeature-tmp/feature-oak_tar.json.

If you don't have a copy of the feature launcher jar, download it, for instance using

$ mvn dependency:get dependency:copy \
    -Dartifact=org.apache.sling:org.apache.sling.feature.launcher:LATEST \

To launch Sling using the feature launcher, simply execute

$ java -jar org.apache.sling.feature.launcher-*.jar -f target/slingfeature-tmp/feature-oak_tar.json

To clean up the repository state just delete the launcher directory.

To generate the oak_mongo aggregate run the build and define the fm.oak_mongo property, e.g.

$ mvn clean package -Dfm.oak_mongo

The instruction to launch Sling then becomes

 $ java -jar org.apache.sling.feature.launcher-*.jar -f target/slingfeature-tmp/feature-oak_mongo.json