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Apache Sling ESX Quick Demo

This is a simple application demonstrating some of the ESX script engine possibilities and ideas how to use it.

In future we want to switch to full ES6 syntax.

The demo purpose of this demonstration is to show the usage of npm libraries.

following NPM modules are demonstrated:

  • “handlebars”: “^4.0.6”,
  • “highlight.js”: “^9.10.0”,
  • “marked”: “^0.3.6”,
  • “moment”: “^2.18.0”,
  • “underscore”: “^1.8.3”


  • switch to directory src/main/resources/libs/esx/demo
  • run: npm install
  • go back to package root directory
  • run mvn clean install sling:installĀ“

open the page /libs/esx/demo/content/demo.html