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  2. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle-classic/
  3. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle-extend1/
  4. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle-extend2/
  5. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle-precompiled-jsp/
  6. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle-precompiled/
  7. org-apache-sling-scripting-examplebundle/


Because some code is worth a thousand words...

The examples provided by the project also serve as integration tests and therefore they should always work and be relatively up-to-date. The bundles in this folder showcase how the 2.7.0 and above works to allow rendering using bundled scripts.

All the test endpoints will be in the resource tree under the /content/bundled-scripts/ folder.

All the servlets registered by the Apache Sling Servltes Resolver will have their providers registered in the /apps/ .scripting.examplebundle.* and /apps/sling/scripting/examplebundle* folders.

The integration tests using these bundles can be found here and you can find instructions to start a running sling instance with the provided examples here.