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Apache Sling Resource Editor

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

The Apache Sling Resource Editor allows to edit Apache Sling content based on the Sling API.

++ Installation ++ o First install the JSNodeTypes library here: ‘contrib/commons/js/nodetypes’. You find the short installation instruction in its README file. o Then use ‘mvn install -P autoInstallBundle’ to install this bundle to your local Sling instance at port 8080. o After that you find the web application at “/reseditor/.html” on your server.

++ Development with the Sling Resource Editor ++ o Use mvn install sling:install to deploy changes of Java classes o To have frontend changes automatically deployed call mvn install -P autoInstallBundle -Dsling.mountByFS=true o To run the build on your local machine call ‘./grunt desktop_build’ within the frontend directory. It includes tests with firefox and chrome. o To have the less sources automatically compiled on change call ./grunt watch:less in the frontend directory. Press Ctrl-Z to stop watching. o To have the ‘desktop_build’ target triggered on changes in the frontend tests, less sources, JavaScript files and JSP sources use ./grunt watch:all in the frontend directory and also press Ctrl-Z to stop watching. o If you don't use ‘localhost’ as server and ‘8080’ as port you can specify your values by using the environment variables ‘SLING_SERVER’ ‘SLING_PORT’.