Apache Sling Launchpad Testing

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Apache Sling Launchpad Testing

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

This module builds a Sling instance using bundles from the trunk, and runs integration tests against it via HTTP.

Default build with integration tests

The integration tests are provided by the sibling integration-tests module. By default the Sling instance to test is started, including a few test-specific bundles, the integration tests are executed and the instance is stopped.

Executing individual tests

To run individual tests against this instance, with the exact same setup used in the full build, use

mvn clean install -Dlaunchpad.keep.running=true -Dhttp.port=8080

Use -Dsling.debug.options="<debug options>" for server-side debugging.

Use CTRL-C to stop that instance.

See the README.txt in the integration-tests module for how to run specific tests against that instance.