Apache Sling Feature Kickstarter

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Sling Kickstart Launcher

This project is the Feature Model based version of the sling-org-apache-sling-starter module and creates an executable JAR file (for now). It is also a test case for the Sling KickstartMaven Plugin as it uses it to launch a Launchpad Ready Rule and Smoke tests.


This plugin depends on the Sling Start Feature Maven Plugin (also in the Sling Whiteboard) which is then used to run the IT tests:

  1. Go to sling-kickstart-maven-plugin module
  2. Build with: mvn clean install
  3. Go back to sling-org-apache-sling-kickstart
  4. Build and Launch it with: mvn clean install
  5. Sling will come up and run the IT tests and then shut down. Sling can be kept running after the end of the IT tests by providing the property block.sling.at.the.end with the value true


After the resulting jar file org.apache.sling.feature.starter-.jar can be executed with:

java -jar org.apache.sling.feature.starter-<version>.jar ...


The parameters of the Kickstarter is beside -af, -s are the same as the for the Sling Starater. To checkout the usage of the parameters you can use the help parameter when starting the kickstarter JAR file:

java -jar org.apache.sling.kickstart-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar -h
Usage: java -jar <Sling Kickstarter JAR File> [-hnv] [-a=<address>]
                                              [-c=<slingHome>] [-f=<logFile>]
                                              [-l=<logLevel>] [-p=<port>]
                                              [-D=<String=String>]... [COMMAND]
Apache Sling Kickstart
      [COMMAND]             Optional Command for Server Instance Interaction, can be
                              one of: 'start', 'stop', 'status' or 'threads'
  -a, --address=<address>   the interface to bind to (use for any)
      -af, --additionalFeature=<additionalFeatureFile>
                            additional feature files
  -c, --slingHome=<slingHome>
                            the sling context directory (default sling)
  -D, --define=<String=String>
                            sets property n to value v. Make sure to use this option
                              *after* the jar filename. The JVM also has a -D option
                              which has a different meaning
  -f, --logFile=<logFile>   the log file, "-" for stdout (default logs/error.log)
  -h, --help                Display the usage message.
  -i, --launcherHome=<launcherHome>
                            the launcher home directory (default launcher)
  -j, --control=<controlAddress>
                            host and port to use for control connection in the
                              format '[host:]port' (default
  -l, --logLevel=<logLevel> the initial loglevel (0..4, FATAL, ERROR, WARN, INFO,
  -n, --noShutdownHook      don't install the shutdown hook
  -p, --port=<port>         the port to listen to (default 8080)
  -r, --context=<contextPath>
                            the root servlet context path for the http service
                              (default is /)
  -s, --mainFeature=<mainFeatureFile>
                            main feature file (file path or URL) replacing the
                              provided Sling Feature File
  -v, --verbose             the feature launcher is verbose on launch
Copyright(c) 2020 The Apache Software Foundation.

These are the additional parameters:

-s: this takes a path to a Feature Model (FM) that replaces the provided Sling Feature Module. With it it is possible to provide your own Sling FM which may or may not contain your own project FMs.

-af: each parameter will have a path to a Feature Model (FM) that is added to the provided Sling FM (or its override). To add multiple FMs just use multiple -af parameter lines.