Apache Sling - Karaf Configs

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  1. 90d1e0f SLING-9356 Add prefix sling to service user mapper configurations by Oliver Lietz · 7 weeks ago master
  2. 78f7162 SLING-9355 Split LoginAdminWhitelist fragment sling into sling-discovery and sling-jcr by Oliver Lietz · 7 weeks ago
  3. 6571136 SLING-9297 Add dedicated RepositoryInitializer configs for sling-mapping and sling-readall by Oliver Lietz · 8 weeks ago
  4. e77d213 SLING-9292 Update to Sling Parent 38 by Oliver Lietz · 9 weeks ago
  5. b0a4007 SLING-9042 Update to Sling Parent 36 by Oliver Lietz · 4 months ago

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Apache Sling - Karaf Configs

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

OSGi configurations for provisioning with Apache Karaf used in Sling's Karaf Features.

See Running Apache Sling on Apache Karaf also.