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Feature Model Launcher

The Feature Model Launcher can launch an feature model application file to a running process.

The launcher can be executed as follows:


or via the Java Main class of the jar file:

java -jar

The launcher creates a local cache, by default in a subdirectory called launcher. If you want to run the launcher with a clean start, delete this directory before invoking the launcher.

The following command line options are supported:

$ rm -rf launcher && java -jar -h
usage: launcher
 -C <arg>    Set artifact clash override
 -c <arg>    Set cache dir
 -D <arg>    Set framework properties
 -f <arg>    Set feature files
 -fv <arg>   Set felix framework version
 -p <arg>    Set home dir
 -u <arg>    Set repository url
 -V <arg>    Set variable value
 -v          Verbose

For further documentation see: