Apache Sling Feature Model - API Regions Extension

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Apache Sling API Regions extension

This component contains extensions relating to the API Regions component. For more information about API Regions see https://github.com/apache/sling-org-apache-sling-feature/blob/master/apicontroller.md

The following extensions are registered via the ServiceLoader mechanism:


Merge handlers are called when features are merged during the aggregation process.

APIRegionMergeHandler - This handler knows how to merge API Regions extensions and adds the org-feature key to the api-regions sections to record what feature this section originally belonged.


PostProcessHandlers are called when a feature contains an api-regions section.

BundleMappingHandler - This handler creates a mapping file idbsnver.properties that maps the Artifact ID to a bundle symbolic name and version. A tilde ~ is used in the value of the map to separate BSN and version.

BundleArtifactFeatureHandler - This handler creates 3 mapping files:

  • bundles.properties: maps bundles to the original feature they were in. A bundle could be from more then one feature.
  • features.properties: maps features to regions. A feature can be in more than one region.
  • regions.properties: maps regions to packages. A region can expose more than one package.

The location of the files created by the BundleArtifactFeatureHandler handler is stored in a system property with name sling.feature.apiregions.resource. + filename. So to obtain the file name of the bundles.properties file, make the following call:


These properties are read by the https://github.com/apache/sling-org-apache-sling-feature-apiregions component for runtime enforcement of the API Regions.