SLING-5646 MoM API and JMS implementation with example usage by Jobs implementation.
Squashes 27 commits from as follows.
Added first stab at a message oriented job subsystem
Added basic implementation for the manager keeping queue implementation details abstracted
Added ActiveMQ implementation for queues and topics, and fixed a number of the the SPI interfaces in the process
Basic Test coverate for OOT JMS Broker
Extracted a MOM API with no Jobs or JMS references, test coverage for ActiveMQ impl is 100% class, 93% method, 75% line
Added missing license headers, documentation and cleaned out unused  interfaces
Fixed JMS Transaction issue found by @tmaret
Coverage for the majority of the jobs code is complete
Basic unit test coverage complete, core has 94% by lines, AMQ 74%, 100% classes and methods
Added testing environment for a runnign server, Not working yet
Added ability for detect when the OSGi container has completed bundle startup without having to perform http requests
Start at IT testing with Crankstart
Fixed issues with shutdown inside a Crankstart container
Working Crankstart IT framework
Version that uses Q->Jobs->JobConsumer pattern
Added a Queue Factory to allow configuration of multiple queues between the MOM API and Job Subsystem and move JobConsumers to register with a Job type
Migrated Subscribers and QueueReaders to a OSGi whiteboard pattern after discussion on Sling Dev
Changes the JobConsumer to use a Callback rather than return a job. This was suggested offlist by others in Adobe as a way of improving resource consumption
Added Types to improve type safety in certain areas after suggestions offlist
Fixed issue with OSGi startup in IntelliJ caused by version 4 of the
Felix framework bundle being present inside the maven pom. Strangely a
command line build was not impacted.
Added integration test bundle to test service. Adjusted some of the APIs to make using the Job Sub System easier
Integration tests now starting jobs from messages
Fixed Startup to work in real Sling/AEM container. The Active MQ OSGi bundle contains additional dependencies that cause all sorts of problems, AMQ is now being embedded into the AMQ MOM Impl bundle.
Fixed Queue expriy bug and added AEM Fiddle to run jobs
Added Documentation for configuration and default sample configuration
Added Explicit requeue mechanims rather than relying on AMQ's requeue capabilities
Moved MoM to new Home

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