SLING-8570 - Extract a generic Content Parser API from with pluggable implementations

* completely decoupled the API from implementations - the ContentParser API
doesn't suggest any content types any more
* removed JSON specific parser options from the ParserOptions class
* made the ParserOptions class extendable
* switched exported API packages to version 2.0.0, to eliminate all possible
confusion with the older API
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Apache Sling Content Parser for JackRabbit FileVault XML

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

The Apache Sling Content Parser for JackRabbit FileVault XML provides support for parsing XML files into Apache Sling resource trees, by implementing the API provided by the bundle.

To obtain a reference to the JackRabbit FileVault XML content parser just filter on the ContentParser.SERVICE_PROPERTY_CONTENT_TYPE service registration property:

    @Reference(target = "(" + ContentParser.SERVICE_PROPERTY_CONTENT_TYPE + "=jcr-xml)")
    private ContentParser jcrXmlParser;