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Apache Sling Content Parser API

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

The Apache Sling Content Parser API provides support for parsing various files capable of abstracting a Sling resource tree. This API is a continuation of the one provided by the Apache Sling JCR Content Parser bundle. Although very similar, there are some notable changes:

  1. the API is now available in the package;
  2. there is no replacement for the; to obtain a ContentParser, given that they are exposed as OSGi services, one has to filter on the ContentParser.SERVICE_PROPERTY_CONTENT_TYPE service registration property, to select the appropriate file format;
  3. as a consequence of 2., the ParserOptions are now passed directly to the ContentParser#parse method.

Implementations of the API are made available from separate bundles:

  1. JSON -
  2. XML -
  3. Jackrabbit Filevault XML (Enhanced JCR 2.0 Document View) - (the only module depending on the JCR / Jackrabbit APIs)