SLING-9384 - Update metrics-rrd4j to parent 38

Note that before the migration the org.rrd4j package only included resources
matching ConsolFun.*, but since that package (as of rrd4j 3.6 only includes)
an additional DsType class at 1017 bytes we include the whole package as
it simplifies configuration.
2 files changed
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  1. src/
  2. .gitignore
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Apache Sling RRD4J metrics reporter

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

This is a bundle that stores metrics on the local filesystem using RRD4J.

Build this bundle with Maven:

mvn clean install

The reporter will not store metrics by default. You need to configure it and tell the reporter what metrics to store.

Go to the Apache Felix Web Console and configure ‘Apache Sling Metrics reporter writing to RRD4J’. The reporter will start storing metrics once data sources have been added and the configuration is saved. Please note, the metrics file is recreated/cleared whenever the configuration is changed.