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Apache Sling Commons Clam

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

Scans data for malware using ClamAV.

Please see Apache Sling Clam for an integration into Apache Sling to scan data in JCR.

Integration Tests

Integration tests require a running Clam daemon and are not enabled by default.

Use Testcontainers and local Docker Engine

Enable the it profile to run integration tests with Docker container:

mvn clean install -Pit

Use external Clam daemon

To disable Testcontainers and use an external Clam daemon set clamd.testcontainer to false:

mvn clean install -Pit -Dclamd.testcontainer=false

To override default Clam daemon host localhost and port 3310 set and clamd.port:

mvn clean install -Pit -Dclamd.testcontainer=false -Dclamd.port=3310


EICAR provides anti-malware test files which are used by this module. Read carefully about intended use.

The test files are split to prevent alarms on development and build systems and concatenated in memory during test execution.

split -b 154