Apache Sling

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Apache Sling Commons Cache API

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

This is an Cache API, the implementation of which will allow applications written in Sling to cache data locally, cache locally with cluster wide invalidation, and cache and replicate data. The exact nature of the cache behaviour depends on the implementation of the API.


This code was based on a module from Sparse Content Map 29 September 2012 (git:sha1:a222df1937434ad3f07bf6c4f60b19524a158bcb), which itself was based on a snapshot of a module in Sakai Nakamura 27 Jan 2011 (git:sha1:b9d8e65b733ec7c35a3d194c9a5dc12acf13cb34). All know contributors to code in this module have been contacted for permission to grant license to the Apache Foundation.