SLING-7245 - Validate pull requests using Jenkins
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Apache Sling Launchpad Debian Package Builder

This module is part of the Apache Sling project.

This is a work in progress .deb packaging for Sling. It provides basic init.d start/stop logrotate & sample sling config. The goal is to provide a generic yet configurable sling package to eliminate the need to build sling for in-house deployments.

To run this, and install using dpkg/apt commands, review /etc/ config and run “service sling start”

Components used are:

For the list of supported run modes see the official launchpad documentation.

Important locations:

  • SLING_EXEC=/opt/sling - Location for all binaries & scripts.
  • SLING_DEFAULTS=/etc/default/sling - Defaults file for location & path setup and to override any of the launchpad settings.
  • SLING_DATA=/var/lib/sling - Local sling data dir.
  • SLING_LOG_DIR=/var/log/sling - Sling log data.


  • Support clustered configurations.