[ARCHIVED] The web UI for skywalking APM

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Apache SkyWalking UI

This UI has been replaced by SkyWalking RocketBot UI since SkyWalking 6.1 release.

The UI for Apache SkyWalking.

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The app was built with dva framework.

Getting codes

Fork, then clone the incubator-skywalking-ui repo and change directory into it.

git clone https://github.com/apache/incubator-skywalking-ui.git
cd incubator-skywalking-ui

Install dependencies via npm:

npm install

Running the application

Mock mode

This mode is suitable for developing locally. Use username:admin, password:888888 to login system.

npm start

No-Mock mode

This mode is suitable for e2e test with backend collector. No webapp proxy required.

npm run start:no-proxy

The default collector query address is http://localhost:12800. You can change this address by editing .webpack.js file. From 5.0.0-beta2, login auth is supported, but without webapp proxy, there is no one to take charge of authentication, so we need specific processes to login in this mode.

  1. Start up in Mock mode.
  2. Do login by username:admin, password:888888. (Now, browser saved authentication in local storage)
  3. Stop and restart in No-Mock mode.
  4. You could access without username/password and webapp proxy.


npm startStarts development server with hot reloading and mock.
npm run start:no-proxyStarts development server to access collector
npm testRuns all the tests
npm run lintLint the project (eslint, stylelint)
npm run buildRuns production build. Outputs files to /dist.


Running build will output all the static files to the ./dist folder:

npm install
npm run build