Satellite Usage

In this example, you will learn how to use the Satellite.

Install Satellite

Install the Satellite component.

Install Operator And Backend

  1. Follow Operator installation instrument to install the operator.
  2. Follow Deploy OAP server and UI to install backend.

Deploy Satellite with default setting

  1. Deploy the Storage use the below command:

Clone this repo, then change current directory to samples.

Issue the below command to deploy an OAP server and UI.

kubectl apply -f satellite.yaml
  1. Check the Satellite in Kubernetes:
$ kubectl get satellite
default   1           1         default-satellite.default

Satellite With HPA

  1. Follow Custom Metrics Adapter to install the metrics adapter.
  2. Update the config in the Satellite CRD and re-apply it to activate the metrics service in satellite.
      value: metrics_service
  1. Update the config in the OAP CRD and re-apply it to activate the satellite MAL.
      value: satellite
  1. Add the HorizontalPodAutoScaler CRD, and update the config file the service and target to your excepted config. It's recommend to set the stabilizationWindowSeconds and selectPolicy of scaling up in HPA, which would help prevent continuous scaling up of pods due to metric delay fluctuations.
  2. Check the HorizontalPodAutoScaler in the Kubernetes:
$ kubectl get HorizontalPodAutoscaler
NAME       REFERENCE                                TARGETS        MINPODS   MAXPODS   REPLICAS   AGE
hpa-demo   Deployment/skywalking-system-satellite   2/1900, 5/75   1         3         1          92m