Fetch metrics from the Istio control plane(istiod)

In this example, you will learn how to setup a Fetcher to fetch Istio control plane metrics, then push them to OAP server.

Install Operator

Follow Operator installation instrument to install the operator.

Install Istio control plane

Follow Install with istioctl to install a istiod.

Deploy Fetcher, OAP server and UI with default settings

Clone this repo, then change current directory to samples.

Issue the below command to deploy an OAP server and UI.

kubectl apply -f fetcher.yaml

Get created custom resources as below:

$ kubectl get oapserver,ui,fetcher
NAME                                               INSTANCES   RUNNING   ADDRESS
oapserver.operator.skywalking.apache.org/default   1           1         default-oap.skywalking-swck-system

NAME                                        INSTANCES   RUNNING   INTERNALADDRESS                     EXTERNALIPS   PORTS
ui.operator.skywalking.apache.org/default   1           1         default-ui.skywalking-swck-system                 [80]

NAME                                                        AGE
fetcher.operator.skywalking.apache.org/istio-prod-cluster   36h

View Istio Control Plane Dashboard from UI

Follow View the UI to access the UI service.

Navigate to Dashboard->Istio Control Plane to view relevant metric diagrams.