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Apache SkyWalking Satellite

SkyWalking Satellite: A lightweight collector/sidecar could be deployed closing to the target monitored system, to collect metrics, traces, and logs. Also, it provides advanced features, such as, local cache, format transform, sampling.

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NOTICE, SkyWalking Satellite uses v3 protocols. They are incompatible with previous SkyWalking releases before SkyWalking 8.0.


  • 0.5 core supported 3000 ops throughput with memory queue.
  • 0.5 core supported 1500 ops throughput with the memory mapped queue(Ensure data stability).

Please read the doc to get more details.


Go to the download page to download all available binaries, including MacOS, Linux and Windows. Due to system compatibility problems, some plugins of SkyWalking Satellite cannot be used in Windows system. Check the corresponding documentation to see whether the plugin is available on Windows.


As SkyWalking Satellite is using Makefile, compiling the project is as easy as executing a command in the root directory of the project.

git clone
cd skywalking-satellite
git submodule init
git submodule update
make build

If you want to know more details about compiling, please read the doc.


start--config FILE, -c FILELoad configuration from FILE. (default: “configs/satellite_config.yaml” or read value from SATELLITE_CONFIG env).
start---shutdown_hook_time TIME, -t TIMEThe hook TIME for graceful shutdown, and the time unit is seconds. (default: “5” or read value from SATELLITE_SHUTDOWN_HOOK_TIME env).
start--help, -hShow help.
docs--output PATH, -o PATHThe output PATH for the plugin documentation. (default: “docs” or read value from SATELLITE_DOC_PATH env)
docs--help, -hShow help.

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Apache 2.0 License.