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Apache SkyWalking Rocketbot UI

Apache SkyWalking UI.

Build Status

Contact Us

  • Submit an issue
  • Mail list: Mail to, follow the reply to subscribe the mail list.
  • Join skywalking channel at Apache Slack. If the link is not working, find the latest one at Apache INFRA WIKI.
  • QQ Group: 392443393(2000/2000, not available), 901167865(available)


This repo wouldn't release separately. All source codes have been included in the main repo release. The tags match the main repo tags.


The app was built with vue + typescript.


  1. Fork, then clone the repo and change directory into it.
  2. Install dependencies via npm:
npm install


Notice, as SkyWalking primary UI, the npm build has been integration in SkyWalking dist build.

All following builds are for dev.

npm install
npm run serve

The default UI address is http://localhost:8080.


Apache 2.0 License.