1. fix: skywalking_tracer:finish() will not be called in some case such as upstream timeout.


  1. Adapt to Kong agent.
  2. Correct the version format luarock.


  1. fix: missing constants in the rockspsec.


  1. Add a global field ‘includeHostInEntrySpan’, type ‘boolean’, mark the entrySpan include host/domain.
  2. Add destroyBackendTimer to stop reporting metrics.
  3. Doc: set random seed in init_worker phase.
  4. Local cache some variables and reuse them in Lua module.
  5. Enable local cache and use tablepool to reuse the temporary table.


  1. Load the base64 module in utils, different ENV use different library.
  2. Add prefix skywalking, avoid conflicts with other lua libraries.
  3. Chore: only expose the method of setting random seed, it is optional.
  4. Coc: use correct code block type.
  5. CI: add upstream_status to tag http.status
  6. Add http.status


  1. Adapt the new v3 protocol.
  2. Implement correlation protocol.
  3. Support batch segment report.
  4. Fix wrong context carrier endpoint data.
  5. Rocks: fixed wrong version of luarocks.
  6. Remove first ref variable.
  7. Uniform the SpanLayer type name.


  1. Establish the LUA tracing core.
  2. Add the tracer implementation based on Nginx OpenResty.