Export Kubernetes events to Apache SkyWalking OAP.

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SkyWalking Kubernetes Event Exporter

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SkyWalking Kubernetes Event Exporter is able to watch, filter, and send Kubernetes events into Apache SkyWalking backend, afterwards, SkyWalking associates the events with the system metrics and thus gives you an overview about how the metrics are effected by the events.


Configurations are in YAML format, or config map if running inside Kubernetes, otherwise, the default configuration file will be used if there is neither -c option specified in the command line interface nor config map created in Kubernetes.

All available configuration items and their documentations can be found in the default configuration file.


The available exporters are listed here.


Go to the /deployments/release directory, modify according to your needs, and run kustomize build | kubectl apply -f -.

You can also simply run skywalking-kubernetes-event-exporter start in command line interface to run this exporter from outside of Kubernetes.

Build and Test

In order to build and test the exporter before an Apache official release, you need set a Docker registry where you can push the images, do this by export HUB=<your-docker-hub-registry>, and then run make -C build/package/docker push to build and push the Docker images, finally, run make -C deployments/dev deploy to deploy the exporter.

export HUB=<your-docker-hub-registry>
make -C build/package/docker push
make -C deployments/dev deploy


Go to the download page to download all available binaries, including macOS, Linux, Windows.

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Apache 2.0 License.