Apache SkyWalking Kong Agent

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SkyWalking Kong agent built on SkyWalking Nginx Lua agent to trace Kong API gateway for Apache SkyWalking APM.


  1. Install the plugin in Kong:

Install kong-plugin-skywalking using luarocks:

$ luarocks install kong-plugin-skywalking --local

Edit kong.conf:

plugins = bundled,skywalking

lua_package_path = ${user.home}/.luarocks/share/lua/5.1/?.lua;;

Set environment:

$ export KONG_NGINX_HTTP_LUA_SHARED_DICT="tracing_buffer 128m"

Restart Kong

  1. Enabling & configuring plugin:

Add the plugin to global:

$ curl -X POST --url http://localhost:8001/plugins/ \
   --data 'name=skywalking' \
   --data 'config.backend_http_uri=http://localhost:12800' \
   --data 'config.sample_ratio=100' \
   --data 'config.service_name=kong' \
   --data 'config.service_instance_name=kong-with-skywalking'

Contact Us

  • Submit an issue with [KONG] as the issue title prefix.
  • Mail list: dev@skywalking.apache.org. Mail to dev-subscribe@skywalking.apache.org, follow the reply to subscribe the mail list.
  • Join skywalking channel at Apache Slack. If the link is not working, find the latest one at Apache INFRA WIKI.
  • QQ Group: 392443393(2000/2000, not available), 901167865(available)

Release Guide

All committers should follow Release Guide to publish the official release.


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