Changes by Version

Release Notes.



  • Support using setup.init-system-environment to import environment.
  • Support body and headers in http trigger.
  • Add install target in makefile.
  • Stop trigger when cleaning up.
  • Change interval setting to Duration style.
  • Add reasonable default cleanup.on.
  • Support float value compare when type not match
  • Support reuse verify.cases.
  • Ignore trigger when not set.
  • Support export KUBECONFIG to the environment.
  • Support using setup.kind.import-images to load local docker images.
  • Support using setup.kind.expose-ports to declare the resource port for host access.
  • Support save pod/container std log on the Environment.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix that trigger is not continuously triggered when running e2e trigger.
  • Migrate timeout config to Duration style and wait for node ready in KinD setup.
  • Remove manifest only could apply the default namespace resource.

Issues and PR

  • All issues are here
  • All and pull requests are here