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Release Notes.



  • Support sha256enc and sha512enc encoding in verify case.
  • Support hasPrefix and hasSuffix string verifier in verify case.
  • Bump up kind to v0.14.0.
  • Add a field kubeconfig to support running e2e test on an existing kubernetes cluster.
  • Support non-fail-fast execution of test cases
  • support verify cases concurrently
  • Add .exe suffix to windows build artifact
  • Export the kubeconfig path during executing the following steps
  • Automatically pull images before loading into KinD
  • Support outputting the result of ‘verify’ in YAML format and only outputting the summary of the result of ‘verify’
  • Make e2e test itself in github action
  • Support outputting the summary of ‘verify’ in YAML format
  • Make e2e output summary with numeric information
  • Add ‘subtractor’ function


  • Bump up GHA to avoid too many warnings
  • Leverage the built-in cache in setup-go@v4
  • Add batchOutput config to reduce outputs
  • Disable batch mode by default, add it to GHA and enable by default
  • Improve GitHub Actions usability and speed by using composite actions' new feature
  • Migrate deprecated GitHub Actions command to recommended ones
  • Bump up kind to v0.14.0
  • Optimization of the output information of verification
  • verifier: notEmpty should be able to handle nil
  • Remove invalid configuration in GitHub Actions

Bug Fixes

  • Fix deprecation warnings
  • Ignore cancel error when copying container logs


  • Add a doc to introduce how to use e2e to test itself

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  • All issues are here
  • All pull requests are here