Apache SkyWalking OAP Server Docker Files

SkyWalking: an APM(application performance monitor) system, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos) architectures.


This image can only connect to Elasticsearch 6 when setting SW_STORAGE=elasticsearch.

How to use this image

Start a standlone container with H2 storage

$ docker run --name oap --restart always -d apache/skywalking-oap-server:8.0.1-es6

Start a standlone container with elasticsearch7 storage whose address is elasticsearch:9200

$ docker run --name oap --restart always -d -e SW_STORAGE=elasticsearch7 -e SW_STORAGE_ES_CLUSTER_NODES=elasticsearch:9200 apache/skywalking-oap-server:8.0.1-es6


We could set up environment variables to configure this image. They are defined in backend-setup.

Extend image

If you intend to override or add config files in /skywalking/config, /skywalking/ext-config is the location for you to put extra files. The files with the same name will be overridden, otherwise, they will be added in /skywalking/config.

If you want to add more libs/jars into the classpath of OAP, for example, new metrics for OAL. These jars can be mounted into /skywalking/ext-libs, then entrypoint bash will append them into the classpath. Notice, you can't override an existing jar in classpath.


Apache 2.0 License.