SkyWalking Docker file archive for all official releases

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This repo is archived

Since SkyWalking 8.8.0, the Dockerfiles are merged into the OAP repo and the Java agent repo respectively, this repo is archived and not maintained anymore.

Apache SkyWalking Docker Files

SkyWalking: an APM(application performance monitor) system, especially designed for microservices, cloud native and container-based (Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos) architectures.


This repository includes related files of following docker images:

  • OAP server
  • UI
  • Java agent

Documents of each version are in v-x.y.z/oap and v-x.y.z/ui. Such as 8.1.0 OAP and 8.1.0 UI

The convenience images are published to Docker Hub and available from the endpoint.

  • (Docker Hub)
  • (Docker Hub)
  • (Docker Hub)

Java agent images are available too.

  • (Docker Hub)

How to build

When the version < 8.4.0, the release manifests are grouping by their major version number and full version number in archive.

From 8.4.0, issuing follows to build relevant docker images

# source 8/ if the target version is 8.4.0
source <major_version>/v<version>.sh


How to publish images

After a SkyWalking's Apache release, composing a new version environment setting script to <major_version> folder with the name like v<version>.sh

Building images as below:

source <major_version>/v<version>.sh

Verifying images:

# Booting up a compose of ES6, OAP server and UI
make compose.es6
# Booting up a compose of ES7, OAP server and UI
make compose.es7

Pushing built images to docker hub repos:

make docker.push

How to build images before 8.4.0

The manifests building images before 8.4.0 are archived into archive folder.

These “archived” images could not be built by any make target, being built manually instead. The approach is that navigating to the target based on the path grouped by SkyWalking release version number , then building specific images by docker build.


Apache 2.0 License.