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Apache SkyWalking Booster UI

Apache SkyWalking Booster UI.


This UI starts from SkyWalking OAP v9 core.


This repo wouldn't release separately. All source codes have been included in the main repo release. The tags match the main repo tags.


The app was built with Vue3.x + Typescript.


  1. Fork, then clone the repo and change directory into it.
  2. Install dependencies via npm:
npm install


All following builds are for dev.

npm install
npm run dev

The default UI address is http://localhost:8080.

Contact Us

  • Submit an issue if you face some issues. Submit a discussion if you want to propose new feature or have any question.
  • Mailing list: dev@skywalking.apache.org. Mail to dev-subscribe@skywalking.apache.org, follow the reply to subscribe the mailing list.
  • Join Slack. Send Request to join SkyWalking slack mail to the mail list(dev@skywalking.apache.org), we will invite you in.
  • QQ Group: 392443393, 901167865


Apache 2.0 License.