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Train Char-RNN over plain text

Recurrent neural networks (RNN) are widely used for modelling sequential data, e.g., natural language sentences. This example describes how to implement a RNN application (or model) using SINGA's RNN layers. We will use the char-rnn model as an example, which trains over sentences or source code, with each character as an input unit. Particularly, we will train a RNN using GRU over Linux kernel source code. After training, we expect to generate meaningful code from the model.


  • Compile and install SINGA. Currently the RNN implementation depends on Cudnn with version >= 5.05.

  • Prepare the dataset. Download the kernel source code. Other plain text files can also be used.

  • Start the training,

      python linux_input.txt

    Some hyper-parameters could be set through command line,

      python -h
  • Sample characters from the model by providing the number of characters to sample and the seed string.

      python 'model.bin' 100 --seed '#include <std'

    Please replace ‘model.bin’ with the path to one of the checkpoint paths.