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Image Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

Examples inside this folder show how to train CNN models using SINGA for image classification.

  • data includes the scripts for preprocessing image datasets. Currently, MNIST, CIFAR10 and CIFAR100 are included.

  • model includes the CNN model construction codes by creating a subclass of Module to wrap the neural network operations of each model. Then computational graph is enabled to optimized the memory and efficiency.

  • autograd includes the codes to train CNN models by calling the neural network operations imperatively. The computational graph is not created.

  • is the training script, which controls the training flow by doing BackPropagation and SGD update.

  • is the script for distributed training on a single node with multiple GPUs; it uses Python's multiprocessing module and NCCL.

  • is the script for distributed training (among multiple nodes) using MPI and NCCL for communication.

  • tests the training throughput using ResNet50 as the workload.