How to Contribute to Documentation


This document gives step-by-step instructions for deploying SINGA website.

SINGA website is built by Sphinx >=1.4.4 from a source tree stored in git:

To install Sphinx:

$ pip install -U Sphinx

To install the markdown support for Sphinx:

$ pip install recommonmark

To install the rtd theme:

$ pip install sphinx_rtd_theme

You can build the website by executing the following command from the doc folder:

$ ./ html

Committers can update the SINGA website by following these steps:

$ cd _build
$ svn co
$ cp -r html/* trunk
# svn add <newly added html files>
$ svn commit -m "commit messages" --username  <committer ID> --password <password>


To generate docs, run “doxygen” from the doc folder (Doxygen >= 1.8 recommended)