##Apache Shiro Bug & Issue Tracking

Apache Shiro uses Atlassian Jira for tracking tasks, feature requests, bugs, and other issues related to the project development.

##Usage Guidelines

Jira is provided as a Shiro software development resource. It is meant to be for managing bugs, tasks and improvements in the software itself - it is not a support portal to ask for advice or help. For community advice and help in using Apache Shiro, please visit the Support page.

Prior to using Jira, we ask that:

  • You do your due diligence to ensure a suspected error is actually a bug.
  • You search the issue tracker to ensure what you want to report has not already been reported by someone else.
  • If your problem is actually a bug, we would appreciate it if you could attach a simple JUnit test case that allows us to repeat the problem so we can fix it as fast as possible.
  • If a unit test is not available (please really try to make one!), attach a stack trace and Shiro's TRACE or DEBUG log output.
  • If you‘ve already fixed the problem, please submit a patch and we’ll likely include it in the next release.

##Click here to visit the Apache Shiro Jira issue tracker