title: Apache Shiro Integrations

#Apache Shiro Integrations

Shiro has been downloaded over one million times and is in production at thousands of companies. One reason: it integrates well with other technologies and frameworks.

Officially Supported Integrations

These integrations are supported by the Apache Shiro Development team. Want to help make them great? Contribute back to the project!

Open Source Community Integrations

  • Stormpath User Management from Stormpath Pairing Apache Shiro with Stormpath gives you a full application security and user management system, with little to no coding.

  • Grails from Pivotal and @pledbrook Very up-to-date Grails/Shiro Integration, including Grails 2.0 and Shiro 1.2. Adds easy authentication and access control to Grails applications.

  • Apache Isis from Apache Apache Isis is a full-stack framework for rapidly developing domain driven apps and RESTful APIs in Java. It uses Apache Shiro 1.2.x for authentication and authorization.

  • Apache Geode from Apache Using Apache Shiro to secure Geode endpoints like JMX operations, rest services, web monitoring application, CLI tool, and client server communications.

  • Oauth from @JimmiDyson Source code for an OAuth module for Apache Shiro based on Scribe

  • Google App Engine from @cilogi Demo of one way to integrate Shiro with App Engine and Google Guice, plus front-end user registration and password management.

  • Play! from @will_sargent A very simple integration between Apache Shiro and Play 2.0. If you want to play with Play, this project could use an update handling statelessness since the Shiro 1.2 release.

  • 55Wicket from 55 Minutes A nifty set of tools and libraries for enhancing productivity with the Apache Wicket Java web framework, including Shiro Integration.

  • Lift from @timperrett Integration between Shiro and the Lift Web framework. Uses Lift’s sitemap Locs instead of Shiro’s built in web.xml resource filters to control access to URLs.

  • Redis Cache Manager from @alexxiyang A Redis Cache Manager implementation.

  • Memcached Cache Manager from @mythfish A Memcached Cache Manager implementation.

  • JAX-RS from @silb Apache Shiro support for the Jersey JAX-RS implementation.

  • Dropwizard from @silb A bundle for securing Dropwizard with Apache Shiro.

  • Thymeleaf from @theborakompanioni A Thymeleaf dialect for Apache Shiro tags.

  • Krail from @davidsowerby Krail provides a framework for rapid Java web development by combining Vaadin, Guice, Apache Shiro, Apache Commons Configuration and others.

  • Rewrite Servlet from ocpsoft A highly configurable URL-rewriting tool for Java EE 6+ and Servlet 2.5+ applications

  • Freedomotic from freedomotic An open source, flexible, secure Internet of Things (IoT) development framework in Java, useful to build and manage modern smart spaces.

  • FlowLogix Java EE Library from Lenny Primak Integrates Java EE applications with Shiro Security, specifically makes Shiro Annotations work with Java EE.

  • Bootique Shiro from Bootique Bootique is a minimally opinionated platform for modern runnable Java apps.


##Got An Integration? Have an integration you want listed? Send us a pull request of this page, and participate in Shiro development! Learn more about contributing to Apache Shiro.