Apache Shiro Website Overview

The Apache Shiro website is a static content website accessible at http://shiro.apache.org

Site content is authored as Markdown and HTML files. These files are scanned by a tool that applies a page template to each file's contents as necessary, and the rendered static .html files are output to a dest_dir directory.

To publish the site commit changes to the asf-site branch of this repository. ASF infrastructure will see the commit and automatically push the changes to the ASF's production webservers.

Generating and Publishing

The tool used to generate the static content is SCMS. Once scms is installed and in your $PATH, generating and publishing the site on the command line is easy.

The following example assumes you have commit permissions to the apache/shiro-site repository, typically because your are an Apache Shiro project committer:

# clone both repo branches `asf-site` and `master`
git clone https://github.com/apache/shiro-site -b asf-site shiro-site-publish
git clone https://github.com/apache/shiro-site

# build the site
cd shiro-site
scms . ../shiro-site-publish
# Open up the local ../shiro-site-publish/index.html file in your web browser.  Ensure the changes reflect what you want. 

# These next commands will publish changes to live ASF web servers.  Be confident the changes are what you want:
cd ../shiro-site-publish
git add .
git commit -am "my change description"
git push origin asf-site

# It should only take a few minutes until the files are live