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ShenYu .NET client


ShenYu .NET client can help you register your ASP.NET Core applications into ShenYu, similar with Java client. It supports below registration type,

  • http registration
  • zookeeper registration
  • nacos registration
  • consul registration
  • etcd registration

Getting Started

Please visit related document to start to start.

For http registration, please visit HTTP Registration.

For zookeeper registration, please visit Zookeeper Registration.

For consul registration, please visit Consul Registration.

For nacos registration, please visit Nacos Registration.

For etcd registration, please visit Etcd Registration.


You can use ShenyuClient attribute to register your APIs.

e.g. add ShenyuClient attribute in class as route prefix.

public class TestController {

e.g. add ShenyuClient attribute in method as route path. The final route path will be /test/hello for this endpoint.

public class TestController {
    public IEnumerable<WeatherForecast> GetTest()