ShardingSphere on Cloud

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ShardingSphere on Cloud

Apache ShardingSphere Official Website:

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This repository collects scripts, tools, manifests and documentations, and provides a home for Apache ShardingSphere on cloud solutions.

The solutions currently included in this project are:

Current Status

Currently, either the ShardingSphere Helm Charts and the ShardingSphere Operator make up the latest version as (5.2.0) of ShardingSphere Proxy. Refer and follow the Quick Start guide to get up and running.

ShardingSphere Helm Charts

ShardingSphere Helm Charts uses Helm to provide guidance for the installation of a ShardingSphere-Proxy instance in a Kubernetes cluster.


Quick Start

Please follow these instructions to deploy a ShardingSphere cluster with version 5.2.0.

ShardingSphere Operator

The ShardingSphere Operator uses predefined CustomResourceDefinitions for describing an Apache ShardingSphere Deployment on Kubernetes.


With the help of ShardingSphere-Operator you can create a ShardingSphere-Proxy cluster including the ZooKeeper cluster in minutes.

For installation of SharingSphere-Operator, you will need a Kubernetes cluster. No matter it is a managed Kubernetes service like AWS EKS or self-hosted Kubernetes, or just a mini-kube, you can easily install ShardingSphere-Operator with respective ShardingSphere Operator Helm Charts, and apply the manifests in ShardingSphere Cluster Helm Charts describing the expected Apache ShardingSphere deployment. Kubernetes 1.18+ is recommended.

Internal Architecture


Current Status

Minimum Viable Product

Quick Start

Please follows instructions to deploy a ShardingSphere cluster with version 5.2.0.


  • Supports the use of proxy to configure and describe the shardingsphere-proxy cluster. For detailed configuration, see the deployment documentation.
  • Support native shardingsphere proxy server.yaml configuration. For specific support items, please refer to the documentation
  • Support automatic creation of HPA based on CPU metrics.
  • Support automatic download of MySQL driver.



  • ShardingSphere-Operator chart
    • Support deploy shardingsphere operator.
  • ShardingSphere-Cluster chart
    • Support deploy shardingsphere proxy cluster.
    • Support deploy Zookeeper by bitnami.
    • Support automatic configuration of the address of the governance center.
    • Use github pages to host repositories and support helm repo add to add repositories.

Development Requirements

To build ShardingSphere Operator from scratch you will need to install the following tools:


To contribute to this project, refer to Contributing.

Community & Support

:link: Mailing List. Best for: Apache community updates, releases, changes.

:link: GitHub Issues. Best for: larger systemic questions/bug reports or anything development related.

:link: GitHub Discussions. Best for: technical questions & support, requesting new features, proposing new features.

:link: Slack channel. Best for: instant communications and online meetings, sharing your applications.

:link: Twitter. Best for: keeping up to date on everything ShardingSphere.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.