A collection of tools and best practices to take ShardingSphere into the cloud

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ShardingSphere on Cloud

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This repository collects scripts, tools, manifests and documentations, and provides a home for Apache ShardingSphere on cloud solutions.

📢📢 Community Call

ShardingSphere on Cloud is under active development and is evolving rapidly. Although the core functionalities have been implemented, we are continuously working on improving the stability, performance, and feature set of the project.

The community encourage users to try out ShardingSphere on Cloud and provide feedback on their experience. Your input is valuable for the ongoing development and enhancement of the project. Please feel free to report any issues, suggestions, or feature requests on our GitHub Issue Tracker.

🚀🚀 Spinning up a ShardingSphere cluster on Kubernetes in one minutes !

A Demo of Starting ShardingSphere Proxy Using Helm Charts

A Demo of Starting ShardingSphere Operator Using Helm Charts

🔥🔥 Current Status

The solutions currently included in this project are:

Get Started

Apache ShardingSphere Official Website: https://shardingsphere.apache.org/

Apache ShardingSphere-on-Cloud Official Website: https://shardingsphere.apache.org/oncloud/


To contribute to this project, refer to Contributing.

Community & Support

Thank you for contributing to the ShardingSphere on Cloud project!


:link: ShardingSphere on Cloud Docs. Best for: Manuals and best practices.

:link: Mailing List. Best for: Apache community updates, releases, changes.

:link: GitHub Issues. Best for: larger systemic questions/bug reports or anything development related.

:link: GitHub Discussions. Best for: technical questions & support, requesting new features, proposing new features.

:link: Slack channel. Best for: instant communications and online meetings, sharing your applications.

:link: Twitter. Best for: keeping up to date on everything ShardingSphere.


Apache License 2.0, see LICENSE.