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Welcome to the ServiceMix Bridge Example
This example shows a bridge between the HTTP and JMS protocols,
with an XSLT transformation in between.
First start a ServiceMix server (if not already started) by running
in the root dir of this distribution.
To start this sample, run:
mvn install
You can deploy the example on ServiceMix 4 in two different ways:
- using hotdeploy:
copy the bridge-sa/target/bridge-sa-${version}.zip to <servicemix_home>/deploy
- using the ServiceMix console:
osgi/install -s mvn:org.apache.servicemix.examples.bridge/bridge-sa/${version}/zip
You can then launch the client.html in your favorite browser
and send an HTTP request which will be transformed in a JMS
message. After the JMS message has been sent to the bridge.output queue successfully,
you will receive an HTTP STATUS 202 response code from the ESB.
Or you can launch java code client to send the request
cd client; mvn compile exec:java
For more information on running this example please see: