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Apache ServiceMix 4.0
Apache ServiceMix 4.0 is the first release of our OSGi based integration platform. It includes two major components:
- Apache ServiceMix Kernel 1.1.0
an OSGi runtime with a lot of extra features (SSH connectivity, provisioning enhancements, Spring integration, ...)
- Apache ServiceMix NMR 1.0.0
an OSGi based NMR and JBI container, which also comes with a new clustering engine ready for enterprise deployment
In addition, ServiceMix 4.0 also ships with enhanced ActiveMQ, Camel and CXF integration as well as a whole set of
examples to let you leverage this functionality. We also have out-of-the-box support for deploying and running web
applications, so they can run together with everything else in the same container.
The following list shows the bug fixes and enhancements included in this release.
** Sub-task
* [SMX4-220] - Extend the help command to display usefull help for all commands available
* [SMX4-221] - The option --help on commands doesn't display good enough help
** Bug
* [SMX4-16] - Deploying the servicemix-web-console-3.2.1.war does not work
* [SMX4-17] - The war deployer is not included in the distribution
* [SMX4-18] - Examples Integration Tests pointing to a previous version of xmlschema cxf bundle
* [SMX4-20] - get BundleException when try to install camel-nmr feature
* [SMX4-24] - welcome screen and info command display wrong version information of servicemix
* [SMX4-31] - Example cxf-camel-nmr fails with ClassNotFoundException
* [SMX4-32] - servicemix-camel: NPE in ServiceMixProducer
* [SMX4-35] - SMX4 assembly not getting installed/deployed
* [SMX4-36] - Bug in the installation of SMX4 on windows - txt and jar files included by multiple bundles
* [SMX4-37] - Servicemix 4 assembly incorrectly looking for servicemix-shared-compat
* [SMX4-40] - CXF Components are failing to deploy into Smx4
* [SMX4-41] - SMX4 basic sample fails with error Unrecognized xbean namespace mapping:
* [SMX4-42] - Smx4 camel demo fails because the *itests* directory is missing
* [SMX4-43] - Build failure when trying to build servicemix-features
* [SMX4-52] - The cxf-osgi example is failing to install in SMX4
* [SMX4-53] - camel-nmr example does not deploy correctly
* [SMX4-54] - Camel assembly fails to deploy in SMX4
* [SMX4-55] - Remove ServiceMix 3 itests from bridge example
* [SMX4-56] - The cxf-camel-nmr demo is failing in a smx4 kit
* [SMX4-57] - Came-sa is failing to deploy because camel-core appears to be missing
* [SMX4-59] - add Incubator Repository to pom
* [SMX4-63] - SMX4 intermittently stalls while starting on Linux
* [SMX4-64] - The latest jbi-maven-plugin is broken
* [SMX4-65] - servicemix-script test failures
* [SMX4-67] - kit miss pom.xml in examples folder so that can't build the samples
* [SMX4-68] - correct README.txt for samples
* [SMX4-69] - the pom.xml in examples should be filted when build kit
* [SMX4-70] - bridge example failing to deploy
* [SMX4-71] - Components build order incorrect
* [SMX4-72] - NullPointerException on 'features install'
* [SMX4-74] - can't build features trunk with clean local repo
* [SMX4-75] - get javax.jbi.JBIException: null mBeanServer when exit smx4
* [SMX4-77] - Problem with properties used in <parent> in several poms under features/trunk/examples
* [SMX4-80] - add-features-to-repo of features-maven-plugin didn't check if the file is in local repo before copy it
* [SMX4-88] - camel-nmr example doesn't work
* [SMX4-89] - features project build failing
* [SMX4-90] - make feature project build successfully according to recent refactor of SMX3 container
* [SMX4-94] - org.mortbay.util version mismatch
* [SMX4-95] - camel example doesn't work
* [SMX4-96] - cxf-camel-nmr example doesn't work
* [SMX4-98] - Integration tests fails with Java 6
* [SMX4-100] - bridage example doesn't work
* [SMX4-101] - Need a JMX mbean to allow shutting down of SMX4 container
* [SMX4-103] - bridge example fails due to ClassNotFoundException
* [SMX4-104] - servicemix-wsn2005 failed to start
* [SMX4-106] - Slow startup can cause bridge-sa deployment to fail
* [SMX4-112] - Should exclude the org.apache.servicemix.features.cfg from the kernel kit
* [SMX4-118] - features maven plugin can't build with jdk15
* [SMX4-119] - Startup exceptions for missing bundle
* [SMX4-126] - The dynamic-import doesn't seem to find the javax.* classes in smx4
* [SMX4-128] - WSAddressingTest test case failures on AIX.
* [SMX4-129] - Servicemix features POM needs to depend on 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT of servicemix-utils
* [SMX4-131] - Servicemix 4 is missing commons-codec bundle in kit.(required by servicemix-http component)
* [SMX4-135] - The CXF NMR transport does not use the given URI to identify the NMR endpoint
* [SMX4-139] - Make SAAJ implementation bundle works on non Sun JVM
* [SMX4-146] - can not find javax.xml.transform.stax.StAXSource
* [SMX4-148] - Trouble Building Spec Project
* [SMX4-151] - cxf-transport-osgi doesn't forward the 'Accept' HTTP header to CXF
* [SMX4-153] - The subshells are no longer working correctly
* [SMX4-154] - "packages help" is not working with german locale
* [SMX4-155] - ServiceMix4 trunk actually can't be built because of missing deps
* [SMX4-156] - Samples :: WSDL First :: JSR 181 fails to build
* [SMX4-160] - Create a default client for the "servicemix-osgi-cxf-code-first-archetype" so that you can run this against the deployed bundle.
* [SMX4-165] - Add bundle for hamcrest 1.2
* [SMX4-177] - commons-dbcp component doesn't allow dynamic imports
* [SMX4-180] - Examples will not build from trunk
* [SMX4-188] - camel xslt compoent can't work with JAXP ri 1.4.2 bundle
* [SMX4-189] - Activation spec fails compile with JDK 1.6
* [SMX4-194] - junit bundle needs to be built as the kernel tests depend on it
* [SMX4-195] - servicemix-camel unit tests fail when using latest SNAPSHOT of the Camel 1.5 branch
* [SMX4-198] - remove unnecessary folder from kit examples
* [SMX4-200] - Startup hangs occasionally
* [SMX4-204] - Unable to retrieve endpoint for a given service QName
* [SMX4-205] - Logging not fully working with Windows (Vista?)
* [SMX4-206] - Apache ServiceMix 4 binary assembly zip file is not valid
* [SMX4-216] - jar file cannot be found during mvn clean install execution of
* [SMX4-217] - Unresolved constraint in servicemix-osworkflow feature
* [SMX4-222] - Jsp support is not enabled. Is org.ops4j.pax.web.jsp bundle installed?
* [SMX4-224] - ServiceMix-Mail is unable to find specific providers for protocols like imaps
* [SMX4-225] - Duplicate artifact and groupid in kernel branding modules
* [SMX4-228] - Make sure all NMR dependencies are in the local Maven repository when building an SMX4 features assembly
* [SMX4-230] - Compatibility issue in the org.apache.servicemix.cxf.transport.nmr project
* [SMX4-246] - Avoid duplication of config files for NMR and Features assembly build
* [SMX4-249] - camel-cxf, camel-msv and camel-stringtemplate can not be installed
* [SMX4-250] - Error with the OSGI bundle cglib version n° created ( instead of 2.1.3)
** Improvement
* [SMX4-19] - use bundle jar for org.apache.servicemix.camel.component
* [SMX4-21] - add bundle jar for commons-io
* [SMX4-22] - verify MESSAGE dataFormat of camel-cxf can work with servicemix-camel
* [SMX4-23] - add bundle jar for commons-jxpath
* [SMX4-25] - Upgrade to CXF 2.1.x
* [SMX4-27] - avoid hardcode lib version in features.xml
* [SMX4-29] - Include examples with binary distribution and add readmes
* [SMX4-34] - Add an out-of-the-box ActiveMQ broker configuration
* [SMX4-47] - can't download
* [SMX4-49] - Add a Camel features.xml to easily install Camel components
* [SMX4-58] - filter version in the examples README of kit
* [SMX4-60] - add apache snapshots repo to org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg to avoid mvn url resolve exception
* [SMX4-62] - add legal version property to bundles-pom
* [SMX4-91] - Upgrade to jetty 6.1.12rc1
* [SMX4-113] - Provide java based client to test bridge example.
* [SMX4-120] - change SOAPFactory and MessageFactory name in saaj-impl bundle
* [SMX4-168] - add jetty-bundle-6.1.14
* [SMX4-171] - Develop test case to demonstrate and verify native deployment of CXF service using jbi/nmr transport
* [SMX4-172] - Develop test case to demonstrate and verify native deployment of CXF service using jms transport
* [SMX4-183] - use servicemix javamail api and activation bundle jar but not geronimo javamail and activation api bundle
* [SMX4-186] - ensure camel feature use same spring version as the container
* [SMX4-190] - add OsgiDestinationRegistryIntf so that we can export/import OsgiDestinationRegistry by interface
* [SMX4-191] - upgrade spring to 2.5.6 and spring osgi to 1.2.0-m2 for features project
* [SMX4-192] - revise examples README to use the new syntax gshell command
* [SMX4-193] - specify feature version in feature dependency if not use the default one
* [SMX4-196] - Implement OSGi RFC 98 (Transactions in OSGi)
* [SMX4-199] - Move 'demos' folder into 'examples/kernel-demos' folder.
* [SMX4-203] - Name of the Endpoints / MBeans in JConsole is confusing and useless
* [SMX4-208] - Make activemq feature depends on transaction
* [SMX4-209] - Upgrade quarz bundle to 1.6.1
* [SMX4-219] - The help of the shell commands is wrong or not sufficient and needs improvement
* [SMX4-226] - Avoid use of ActiveMQ ShutdownHook when ActiveMQ is embedded in ServiceMix 4
* [SMX4-229] - Upgrade to XBean 3.5
* [SMX4-240] - Feature.xml file generated for camel contains duplicate bundles. It must be cleaned up
* [SMX4-241] - servicemix-cxf-bc feature should depend on cxf feature but not include duplicated bundles cxf feature have
* [SMX4-242] - feature maven plugin should add default version to feature when generate feature.xml
* [SMX4-245] - Upgrade to latest version of pax web
* [SMX4-252] - CXF Feature should have a jsr311 specs bundle installed
* [SMX4-255] - revise README for cxf-nmr examples
** New Feature
* [SMX4-15] - Make JEE specs that use the services discovery mechanism work in OSGi
* [SMX4-79] - Use the features plugin to generate the assembly and use OSGi packaged JBI components instead of the JBI packaging
* [SMX4-142] - Create an "servicemix-osgi-ws-wsdl-first" archetype that shows how to deploy a WSDL-first CXF web service in SMX4
* [SMX4-143] - Create an "servicemix-osgi-restful-service" archetype that shows how to deploy a RESTful CXF web service in SMX4
* [SMX4-178] - add nmr:address ExtensibilityElement for wsdl port
* [SMX4-179] - add bundle jar for geronimo-javamail_1.4_provider
* [SMX4-181] - add bundle for javamail api
* [SMX4-182] - add bundle jar for geronimo-javamail_1.4_provider-1.5.jar
* [SMX4-185] - add bunle jar for activation api
* [SMX4-207] - add ant script which is used for management JBI artifacts using Mbeans into distributions
* [SMX4-243] - Install the web feature by default
* [SMX4-244] - Install the jbi clustering by default
** Task
* [SMX4-30] - Build SMX4 Assembly
* [SMX4-48] - Remove examples with static SMX3 configuration from assembly
* [SMX4-86] - add example to show how to use osgi propertie placeholder and how to deploy & update the properties file from shell
* [SMX4-87] - update cxf version to 2.1.3-SNAPSHOT
* [SMX4-99] - remove wsdl-first sample from smx4 kit since servicemix-jsr181 is deprecated in smx4
* [SMX4-108] - remove loan-broker-bpel from kit
* [SMX4-110] - add missing pax lib to m2-repo
* [SMX4-136] - update to cxf 2.1.3
* [SMX4-137] - update to camel 1.5
* [SMX4-163] - exclude xom dependency from xstream
* [SMX4-170] - need add SSHD snapshots repo to nmr project
* [SMX4-212] - Upgrade to cxf 2.1.4
* [SMX4-223] - Remove the svn repo from the features config file
** Test
* [SMX4-33] - several smx4/features/camel tests failed due to recent change in camel-cxf component
* [SMX4-66] - Add a basic http osgi client/server test to feature/trunk/example
* [SMX4-82] - Add soap handler osgi test to servicemix 4 trunk/examples
* [SMX4-85] - Add WS-Addressing osgi tests
* [SMX4-122] - IntegrationTest will fail in features/examples/itests
* [SMX4-133] - WS Security Test failing on AIX
* [SMX4-138] - testSoapHandlerOsgi failed
* [SMX4-147] - examples/itests/IntegrationTest failed due to can't find javax.resource package when start cxf-bundle
* [SMX4-149] - ServiceMix Example CXF OSGi build error on AIX; DTDDVFactoryImpl does not extend from DTDDVFactory.
* [SMX4-253] - add servlet-name osgi service property for org.apache.servicemix.cxf.transport.http_osgi.SpringOsgiServlet to avoid NPE in pax.web.extender
Apache ServiceMix 4.0-m1
See the README.txt file for more general informations about ServiceMix 4.
This is the first milestone of ServiceMix 4. All the features are not
fully implemented yet and things may be changed until the final 4.0 release.
Please refer to the web site for more informations and feel free to ask any
questions on the ServiceMix mailing lists or simply to provide feedback
(we appreciate it very much).
Thanks you for downloading ServiceMix Kernel. Enjoy !
The ServiceMix Team