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h2. servicemix-cxf-se
h3. Overview
ServiceMix CXF SE component is a JBI Service Engine exposing (annotated) POJO as services on the JBI Bus.
It uses Apache CXF internally to perform service invocations and xml marshaling.
* jsr181 annotations
* jaxb2/aegis/xmlbeans databinding
* wsdl auto generation
* java proxy support
* MTOM / attachments support
h4. Namespace and xbean.xml
The namespace URI for the servicemix-bean JBI component is {{}}. This is an example of an {{xbean.xml}} file with a namespace definition with prefix {{bean}}.
<beans xmlns:cxfse="">
<!-- add cxfse:endpoint definitions here -->
h4. Endpoint types
The servicemix-cxf-bc component defines one endpoint type:
- {{cxfse:endpoint}} :: no description yet
h3. {{cxfse:endpoint}}
h4. Endpoint properties
h3. {{cxfbc:proxy}}
h4. Endpoint properties