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h2. JBI Components
ServiceMix 4 ships with a full set of JBI components.
h3. Binding components
* [servicemix-cxf-bc] for exposing and invoking all kinds of web services (WS-* as well as REST)
* [servicemix-file] for reading and writing to the local file system
* [servicemix-ftp] for reading and writing files on an FTP server
* [servicemix-http] for sending and receiving messages using HTTP or SOAP/HTTP
* [servicemix-jms] for sending and receiving messages using JMS or SOAP/JMS
* [servicemix-mail] for sending and receiving messages using standard mail protocols (POP, IMAP, SMTP)
* [servicemix-snmp] provides support for receiving [SNMP|] events via the enterprise service bus by using the [SNMP4J|] library.
* [servicemix-vfs] for sending and receiving files on any of the file system implementation supported by [Commons VFS|]
* [servicemix-xmpp] for sending and receiving messages using XMPP (Jabber)
h3. Service Engines
* [servicemix-bean] for using plain Java beans for handling messages
* [servicemix-camel] leverages [Apache Camel|] for EIP support and much more
* [servicemix-cxf-se] uses [Apache CXF|] to build web service implementations
* [servicemix-drools] allows for rule-based handling of messages using [Drools|]
* [servicemix-eip] implements some of the EIP. This component has been largely superseded by the [servicemix-camel] component
* [servicemix-exec] allows to execute a system command (binary, shell script, etc).
* [servicemix-osworkflow] allows using [OSWorkflow|] for defining workflows to handle messages
* [servicemix-quartz] uses [Quartz|] to schedule new messages
* [servicemix-saxon] uses [Saxon|] to support XQuery and XSL-T
* [servicemix-scripting] enables support for writing services in JSR-223 scripting languages
* [servicemix-validation] provides schema validation of documents using JAXP 1.3 and XMLSchema or RelaxNG
* [servicemix-wsn2005] implements the [WS Notification|] specification from Oasis