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title: Contributing
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# Contributing to the Documentation
## Found an mistake or have a suggestion for improvement?
We welcome any feedback or contribution to the documentation.
Whether you spotted a mistake, have suggestions for new content or just want to say hi, feel to get in touch using the [mailing lists](, [IRC channel]( or on Twitter using the `#servicemix` hash tag.
## Contributing to the documentation code
The documentation is written in a combination of mark-up languages. Most of the pages are written
using Confluence mark-up or Markdown. The pages can be edited in any text editor.
Pages are grouped into books using the `toc.ssp` file in the enclosing folder. This file contains
an HTML formatted list defining the TOC for a book.
You can find more information about how to get and build the documentation codebase [here]( and one more thing...
... we really love documentation patches ;)