Some minor edits to the quickstart guide
Thanks to Jimy Hendrickx for his feedback!

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You need to have these two programs installed on your machine:

  • Pygments - syntax highlighting for HTML and PDF
  • Prince XML - converts HTML into PDF for the manual

Building SNAPSHOT dependencies

This project depends on a few SNAPSHOT dependencies. Before you start working on the docs, you need to checkout and build these two projects locally:

Building the documentation project

There are two ways of building the documentation project:

  • mvn -Plive jetty:run will make a live website copy available locally. This is very convenient while editing the docs to quickly review the changes you made.
  • mvn clean install will build the documentation project, creating 3 representations:
    • a war file containing the documentation webapp
    • a pdf file (in target/sitegen/manual.pdf)
    • a static website, generated using the same templates (in target/sitegen)

Known issues

  • The war file currently can't be deployed on ServiceMix