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ServiceComb Website

The Web Site of ServiceComb is based on Minimal Mistakes Jekyll Theme.


As this website is using the gitpubsub and we use Jekyll to generate the site. We choose master branch to hold all the site source change and asf-site for apache gitpubsub. Please sent your PR to the master branch instead of asf-site.

How to run the site locally

  • Change to non-root user

  • Install Ruby and Gem

  • Install Jekyll and Bundler

    sudo gem install jekyll bundler

  • Clone the site files

    git clone

  • cd incubator-servicecomb-website

  • Install the gems with bundle

    sudo bundle install

  • Start the jekyll server

    sudo bundle exec jekyll server

  • Start web browser to access http://localhost:4000

How to push the change to apache website

  • Switch to asf-site branch

    git checkout asf-site

  • Merge the changes of master branch

    git merge master

  • Generate the website static pages

    bundle exec jekyll build

  • Commit the changes into git repo

    git add content git commit -m "publish website"

Note that tested versions of the tools covered in this section are as following,

  • Ruby 2.3
  • Gem 2.7.6
  • Bundler 2.3

Multiple language support

The website supports English now and English is used as the default language.

Things to be cautious:

There are two language labels: en and cn.

  1. When you write a post, add the following front matters under the title(if you write an Chinese post):
    lang: cn
    ref: unique_post_ref_just_like_the_url
    And remember to add the prefix /cn to your permalink, e.g. before:
    permalink: /about/me/
    permalink: /cn/about/me/
    Besides, if contents of your post contains links to the Chinese version of pages, remember to add the prefix /cn before the link. e.g. /about/community/ becomes /cn/about/community/ Notes: English Posts do not need to add any prefixes as it's the default language.
  2. When you add items in _data/navigation.yml file, remember to add both English and Chinese version of that links.
  3. If you want to provide both English and Chinese versions of your bio in your blogs, add biocn property in _data/authors.yml.
  4. Posts of Chinese Language please put under the cn folder. It is just a good convention and won't affect what your posts suppose to be whether or not you obey this rule.

Add caption to image

Add the annotation {: .figure-caption} below the Image Caption line as follows:

![image alt text](image_path)
Image Caption
{: .figure-caption}