Service-Center UI enables user to view the list of MicroServices registered in SC. Users can view the detailed information of their MicroServices, Instances and Schemas. Service-Center UI also offers a unique feature of testing the Schemas of their MicroServices from UI, Users can also download the html client for their Schemas.

QuickStart Guide

Easiest way to get started with Service-Center UI is to download the release from here and then untar/unzip it based on your OS and run start-frontend.sh/start-frontend.bat. This will bring up the Service-Center UI on





Note: By default frontend runs on, if you want to change this then you can change it in conf/app.conf.

Running UI from source code


  • Go version 1.8+ is required to build the latest version of UI.
  • bower version 1.8+ is required to download the packages for web.

However if you want to try our latest code then you can follow the below steps

#Make sure your GOPATH is set correctly as the UI runs on GO Backend Server
git clone https://github.com/apache/servicecomb-service-center.git $GOPATH/src/github.com/apache/servicecomb-service-center
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/apache/servicecomb-service-center

cp -r etc/conf frontend/

cd frontend/app

bower install

cd ..

go build





This will bring up the Service-Center UI on If you want to change the listening ip/port, you can modify it in the configuration file (service-center/frontend/conf/app.conf : frontend_host_ip, frontend_host_port).

Preview of Service-Center UI

Service-Center Preview

Feature List and RoadMap of Service-Center UI

Below is the comprehensive list of features which Service-Center UI offers, we are working constantly to improve the user experience and offer more useful features to leverage the features offered by Service-Center. We Welcome our community members to come forward and help us to build this UI together.

|Sl|Feature|Status| |--|-------|------| |1|Dashobard to display the overall MicroService Statistics|Done| |2|Service List with basic Information| Done| |3|Instance List for MicroServices| Done| |4|Provider List for MicroServices|Done| |5|Consumer List for MicroServices|Done| |6|Schema List for MicroServices|Done| |7|Test Schema for MicroServices|Done| |8|Pact Broker Support|Done| |9|Topology View for Microservices Relationship|TBD|

Any Contribution(issues,PR,Documentation,Translation) will be highly appreciated.