• epic means it's big task, we need to break it know into small tasks
  • new means it's smaller tasks for newbee to know better about the code base.
  • hard means it's a hard core which needs lots efforts

Pack 0.5.0

  • [] SCB-241 Visual Transactions, auditing mode support
  • [] SCB-275 Refactoring Retry logical (new)
  • [] SCB-1258 Using StateMachine for tracing the transaction states (epic)
  • [] SCB-1000 Implement the timeout monitor on the Omega side (new)

Here are some back logs you can take a look

New ideas

  • [] SCB-16 Using MQ to increase the availability (epic)


  • [] SCB-668 Using docker-compose file to start Services from docker plugin in the Accept test(new)
  • [] SCB-306 Simulate different recover use cases on the alpha side
  • [] SCB-240 Performance impacts test (new)


  • [] SCB-170 Separate serialization from grpc to reuse the same stream (new++)
  • [] SCB-258 Idempotent support (new)
  • [] SCB-163 Share the context cross the thread (hard)
  • [] SCB-803 Add hop id to specify the transaction relationship


  • [] SCB-341 Multi tenant support (new)
  • [] SCB-241 Visual Transactions, auditing mode support (new)
  • [] SCB-557 Watch mode of Alpha (new)