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  3. conf/
  4. db.js
  5. docker-compose.yaml
  6. kie-conf.yaml
  7. kieserver


this guide will show you how to develop servicecomb-kie in your local machine.

servicecomb-kie only depend on mongodb, so you have 2 choices

  • setup a mongodb and give credential in kie-conf.yaml
  • setup a simple mongodb alone with admin UI by docker compose

in this guide, we will use mongodb launched by docker compose

Get started


cd examples/dev
go build

2.Run mongodb and servicecomb-kie

sudo docker-compose up
./kieserver --config kie-conf.yaml

mongodb admin UI

#servicecomb-kie endpoint

API document

the API doc will be generated under examples/dev/conf/servicecomb-kie/schema

you can copy it to to see full API document